Sugar Horse & The Hyena Kill live @ The Prince Albert, Brighton // 22.02.2022

Kicking off their five date UK tour Bristol’s Sugar Horse and The Hyena Kill from Manchester came down to the south coast, to showcase their respective sounds in one of Brighton’s more intimate venues.

Sugar Horse took to the stage first, one of the more interesting bands in the UK’s underground scene who have landed themselves a support slot with Godflesh later in the year, and expertly blend the balance between melody and chaos

Sugar Horse Live in Brighton 22.02.2022

With a set largely lifted from their debut album The Live Long After released via Small Pond Records in 2021, the band supplied a diverse mix of music with frontman Ashley Tubb fluidly flicking from clean vocals to screams, and with some sludgy doom influenced instrumental sections that had the small crowd collectively nodding along in appreciation throughout.

Sugar Horse Live in Brighton 22.02.2022

The Hyena Kill focused on showcasing tracks from their latest album A Disconnect released in 2021 via APF Records and played a high energy set orchestrated by a pounding rhythm section led by drummer Lorna Blundell, with the band also having recently navigated a lineup change seeing their original Bassist Charlie Seisay flawlessly moving across to Lead Guitar.

The band wear their Grunge influences clearly on their sleeves, literally in the case of singer Steven Dobb sporting a Nirvana T-shirt, with their sound echoing shades of the heavier end of the Sub Pop scene from the late 80’s and early 90’s, mixed with inspiration from Deftones and the like.

The Hyena Kill Live in Brighton 22.02.2022

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